Paranormal Investigation

Paranormal Investigation

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Mother Of Tyler By JoseTheKraken Completed

Harvey "Seto" Masters was a smart boy with a mean mother, and a father who died mysteriously when Harvey was ten. Harvey was about to run off to college, until his mom was murdered, and he freaked out. He claimed that he saw the ghost of his father, and that his father's old notebook appeared from hiding also.

Meanwhile, Tyler "Deadlox" Ellis and Jason "TrueMU" Probst were driving around in their black Chevrolet Impala, looking for a motel. They were hunters. But not normal hunters. They were hunters of the paranormal, supernatural, and monster. Jason found out about Harvey Masters, who was sent to a mental hospital after claiming he had seen his dead father kill his mother. Ty and Jason both decided to take a look on the potential case.

Harvey met Ty and Jason, and also their angel friend from another dimension, Adam "Sky" Dahlberg. Yeah, long story. But, they set out to put Harvey's father to rest.

But Harvey's father may have had more secrets in his notebook than Harvey thought.

~check out PI Revisited, a rewriting of this old story! It is currently in the works~


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ProfessionalSnwo ProfessionalSnwo Jun 21, 2017
//it's two in the morning but guess what, I'm reading ALL of this//
PandaPlayzGamez PandaPlayzGamez Oct 26, 2017
Rereading this because I can and I started to watch Supernatural. On Season 2 now.
lilysplash5181 lilysplash5181 Jun 03, 2016
@young-and-improving It's a really long but really good fanfic :3
aprilthenerd aprilthenerd May 04, 2016
Good, I've never watched it so I'm happy I don't really have to know about it to read this story
OverInACorner OverInACorner Feb 16, 2016
YOU ARE OFFICIALLY MY NEW FAVORITE AUTHOR!!!  And who can resist the impala? She beautiful!!
Fic_Sins Fic_Sins Oct 14, 2015
*sees Tyler on the cover*
                              *doesn't see Tyler in the desc. or first chapter*
                              ...Seems Legit.