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Invader Zim Character x reader

Invader Zim Character x reader

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Mariah By fangirlnation1 Updated Dec 25, 2015

3rd person POV
You remembered zim when you first came to skool.You remember kids saying he was weird especially dib saying he's an alien.I figured that out on my own soon when zim told me.I was kind of surprised since he never told anyone.I was known as his "human friend". It was pretty obvious cause of his green skin and you could also see his magneta eyes through his hazel contacts.I know he has a egotistical superior attitude,but you turned out to like him.
There's a side to zim that no one else sees.You even started to have a feeling for him.You were scared of the outcomes of what could happen.

Right now,you were kicked out of your house in the drizzling rain.It was in the middle of the night like 8:30.Your mom is at a business trip and your dad is an alcoholic and threw a fit at you today. So he told you to leave now.This started when your dad got fired and since then,He started drinking.You thought 'why even get mad about that when you could apply for a new job?!'.You honestly n...

TimeTravelBoyfriends TimeTravelBoyfriends May 09, 2016
I thought some smut was about to  happen XD But really cute story!
TheLoneAngel71417 TheLoneAngel71417 Nov 25, 2016
ERMAGERD DIS IS BOOTIFUL!!! *sniffles with happiness* I LOVE DIS!!!
LightHawk8 LightHawk8 May 23, 2016
"How come you're so wet?!"
                              Me:Uh.....*hides phone*I totally wasn't reading a Zim x Reader x Dib Lemon!!!!!!!
                              Zim:What's a lemon
                              What's an "x reader?"
                              What's an x reader lemon?
                              Dib:°//¬//° *nosebleed*I have a fangirl!!!!!!!!~
Sidaotic-Banette Sidaotic-Banette Nov 25, 2015
I think You should make this one into a story I think it would turn out really good
fangirlnation1 fangirlnation1 Jul 24, 2015
@MercyDingo4ever. yea.Ive been working on dat one actually lol