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Camp Runaway

Camp Runaway

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Leigh By leigh_ Completed

Seb and Ellie have three things in common:

(1) They've both been forced into spending their summer as counselors at Camp Raukawee, Manitoba.
(2) Approximately twenty-three hours of their days are spent listening to screaming children.
(3) Given the right moment, they'd both agree to a far-fetched plan involving a midnight getaway and a crazy road trip to New York.

first of all Canada!!! second of all I feel sad already I just started and I already feel sad,,,, new record??
urghabloechh urghabloechh Dec 31, 2016
lol of course Wattpad HQ is in Canada. only Canada could create such an amazing website/app
royaIwriter royaIwriter Dec 29, 2016
My campers do the "if you can hear my voice clap once" or the younger ones do the "marshmallow monster is coming!" And then they pretend to stuff a large invisible marshmallow in their mouth and can't speak
royaIwriter royaIwriter Dec 29, 2016
I've been working as a summer camp counselor since I was 13 so I'm excited to see if I can relate
At least she got a break from the campers. Counselors are in charge of sessions and programs and we only get 2 15-20 breaks from them all week.
So happy this isn't one of those "Many people at school thought we were a couple, but he's like a brother to me " or "Ew why would I date him, he's like my brother but I secretly like him" type thing