Darkest Fears

Darkest Fears

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LikkleAngel By LikkleAngel Completed

Kayleigh's scared. And she hates it. It's weak and pathetic, but she can't stop it.

So instead she hides it.

But it's always there. It's always itching in the back of her mind. It's only a matter of time before someone finds out.

So what happens when Jayden, a guy she never even spoke to before her eighteenth birthday, starts to see past all her defences.

What about when there's nowhere left to hide from her darkest fears? What's the plan then?

[(Special thanks to x_ADaydreamAway_x for making me the cover)] xxx

Tayishaa Tayishaa Oct 18
He's now acting a little dumb. What person can be emotionless!?
Why the hell is an eight year old by them self at home who the hell are her parents
stiles-ing stiles-ing Oct 25
me  to my family group rn bc it's raining heavily and the thunder's too loud.
Millionth time reader because I just love this book so much!
I'm an 11th rereader I like this book so much that I probably will see my comments  lol. And honestly this book needs a lot more reads
Have to be a bitch so people won't know, so I can be numb and feel no pain and sorrow