Darkest Fears

Darkest Fears

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Azarath Metrion Zinthos By LikkleAngel Completed

Kayleigh's scared. And she hates it. It's weak and pathetic, but she can't stop it.

So instead she hides it.

But it's always there. It's always itching in the back of her mind. It's only a matter of time before someone finds out.

So what happens when Jayden, a guy she never even spoke to before her eighteenth birthday, starts to see past all her defences.

What about when there's nowhere left to hide from her darkest fears? What's the plan then?

[(Special thanks to x_ADaydreamAway_x for making me the cover)] xxx

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i find it amusing that he's offended because she called him a princess, i mean boii princesses are pretty. everyone likes being a princess. :3 😂😂
That's how it is with me I have to sit in corners of a room so nothing can sneak up on me
I love the dark if I'm being honest, I literally shower in The dark. It's very comforting for me.
Boi, if you wanna try it, go ahead.
                              But once you do it, there's gon be someone there to hold my earrings while a whoop yo sorry ass
iinvigorata iinvigorata Jun 30
Dude it's books like these that I think about when I talk to or meet legit anyone
DevanSky DevanSky Jul 20
Just wanted to say, this is like my tenth time reading this story and it is my favorite of all time so far. I'm absolutely serious and I'm not exaggerating I've been reading fanfiction for more then 3 years and I know a good story when I read one.