Mortality( a twilight fanfiction) Book 3 of the Immunity series

Mortality( a twilight fanfiction) Book 3 of the Immunity series

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Human or Vampire? Kira Swan must now choose her future but both will lead her to death but even if she lives through the transformation, she will have one more worry on her mind, Aro has given her one more choice to make, if she chooses to become a vampire and lives, she must join the Volturi and marry him.

Kira thinks that this is her only problem but when a vengeful vampire targets her sister she will have to be strong or lose her sister forever. 

A choice must be made but will she make the right one.

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I'm the absolute opposite of that saying tbh. 
                              What doesn't kill you makes you wish you were dead is more my style tbh. 
                              Bless BMTH for getting it right.
NamelessOne NamelessOne Jun 15, 2016
I really like this. It reads a little like you're trying to write a screenplay, but like you're putting it into novel format. Do you ever write in script format? Just curious. :)
- - Jun 23, 2016
She certainly goes up to the roof a lot- knowing me, I would try to go up there, pull a Bella, and accidentally kill myself
Rikufutaki Rikufutaki Dec 29, 2015
Which are fake and the last I checked Barbie dolls are made from plastic or so I think
poisonhart poisonhart Jul 10, 2015
That moment I just died a little on the inside. I can't wait for the update.