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Ari By Evil-Bat-Cat Completed

What if Bruce Wayne wasn't able to adopt Richard Grayson as his ward, because the young boy was kidnapped by Cadmus before he even had the chance? So when Aqualad and Kid Flash bust Superboy out of his prison, they also meet a somewhat cheerful boy who doesn't remember anything from before his time with Cadmus. Add Batman into the equation, who has been searching for Richard Grayson since his disappearance, and you have the perfect recipe for drama. Warning: Lots of angst and feels.

Complete (142013 words)

Evil-Bat-Cat Evil-Bat-Cat Nov 17, 2016
Did I seriously get rid of all security measures because Robin wasn't there to hack? Oml 😂
Evil-Bat-Cat Evil-Bat-Cat Nov 17, 2016
That sounds like one of those click bait things. "So and so did this, and what happened next was a huge puzzlement to them both. Click to read more."
Siriusly_Get_Whelmed Siriusly_Get_Whelmed Dec 04, 2016
I see Saltwater up there, and I know what the club is I just never asked to join. But I see them EVERYWHERE 😂😂😂
EmmaLee90 EmmaLee90 Dec 19, 2016
Me: *reading fanfiction and hears loud crash*
                              Me: Dafuq was that??? 
                              Batman: It's just me, breaking through the fourth wall.
Evil-Bat-Cat Evil-Bat-Cat Nov 17, 2016
I like how everyone is correcting me.
                              I know it's misspelled.
                              I'm not going to edit this shitty book ever again xD
Evil-Bat-Cat Evil-Bat-Cat Nov 17, 2016
The description of his expression is just so detailed. This should have won a Witty award.