Happy accident, right? {Peterick}

Happy accident, right? {Peterick}

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March 2nd 2013, 10:42 am 
Hey Frank, it's Patrick :)
hey patrick sorry to break it to you but im not frank :( sorry 
Oh man, fake number. Sorry for bothering you, i'll just leave now.
sorry again, see ya later xD 
when patrick accidently texts pete after getting a fake number, they become internet friends and message each other nearly every day. they realise they are different people, but this is a happy accident, right? 

((this is my first fanfiction. ever. if it sucks that is why, sorry))

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CasuallyDyingOfFeels CasuallyDyingOfFeels Dec 06, 2017
I'm so glad I wasn't the only one who automatically read March 22nd 2013.
I_ship_bands08 I_ship_bands08 Nov 10, 2017
*gives Patrick tissues*  
                              Patrick: what are these for? 
                              Me: wait 20 days
ibarely_sleep ibarely_sleep Dec 03, 2017
My friends tease me for going through a phase where I said "XD"
-FangirlingSoHard- -FangirlingSoHard- Apr 23, 2017
rawr x3 *pounces* *nuzzles you* *notices your bulgey wulgy* owo youre fo big! *nibbles your neck and grabs your tail* ooooh you like that??? *giggles at you*
xicetheticx xicetheticx Dec 05, 2017
All my friends go to different schools, and the only other 'friends' I do have always ditch me for the popular ones
queenx--x queenx--x Sep 02, 2015
I thought the last part said "what did you do in the dark?" and I expected for pete to say "only my songs know"