Hidden Sky [KHR Twinfic]

Hidden Sky [KHR Twinfic]

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KuroiOozora By KuroiOozora Completed

A Sky hidden in the dark

Hoping to be found
Hoping to be accepted
Hoping to be acknowledged by many
Despite his attitude towards them
He had no choice but to

But when he was coming out
He was dragged back
Still he was hoping
Hoping to be taken away from the dark

Even if he would no longer be the same

Rated as T (for some curses)

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# KHR belongs to Amano Akira #

My Second Fic :3

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AnimezTime AnimezTime Mar 10
But that's the only reason why. If she had the guts, she would do it already.........
Meopize Meopize Aug 19, 2016
Good Ie.... you don't hate ur brother like ur dumb a$$ father..
Meopize Meopize Aug 19, 2016
Hisssssss.... Maybe I spoke too soon... Ie.. I really don't want to clean up another body.. so please still love Tuna..
Animefreak9800 Animefreak9800 May 19, 2016
If this b*stard does something bad to tsuna *sadistic smile* I swear I will make his life a living h*ll
Meopize Meopize Aug 19, 2016
You mean 'little angleS' right?.......Right..?
                              *Sits in emo corner* Ie better be a god damn good brother or ill murder him..
10/10 best warning ever " G and Gokudera's beautiful and colourful words"