TMNT Boyfriend Scenarios

TMNT Boyfriend Scenarios

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CybertronianWolf By CybertronianWolf Updated Jan 30, 2016

Running as fast as your legs would take you, you sprinted over the rooftops. The soft thud of your feet meeting hitting the rock was drowned out by the men yelling below you.

"Find her!! She's too important to lose!" You laughed under your breath and leaped over the gap between two buildings. Men soon climbed up the fire escapes and cornered you.

"We have you surrounded!" Gritting your teeth you leaped forwards and knocked one man out then carried on running. The other men were soon knocked out as you hit them as you ran.

"Get her!" The voice was soon letting out a scream as a black shape knocked it out. Spinning around you came face to face with a turtle.....wearing a blue bandana.... 

You stumbled and fell onto your backside.

"Your like me....." The turtle tilted his head before offering you a hand. Grabbing it, he pulled you up.

"Are you OK miss?" You nodded then turned to him.

"Thank you for saving me.....but I need to get going" he grabbed your arm to stop you from leaving....