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Willdip (Reverse Dipper x Reverse Bill)

Willdip (Reverse Dipper x Reverse Bill)

31.9K Reads 745 Votes 9 Part Story
Kanji aka Fluff writer :3 By Kaniharitama Completed

Willdip (yaoi) don't like it don't read it (It is the reverse au)

Its a ver old book guys, I just started than I did not read it over. Its one of my oldest books and it should have a bad grammar warning
nacevedo2006 nacevedo2006 Oct 22, 2016
I need to use the bathroom after all that just happened and I'm 10 years old omg just omg
Anyone elase not going to be suprised when someone says his first word was MINE
Shima-_- Shima-_- Jan 01
I'm not trying to be mean but you forgot to capitalize the 'D'in Dipper and the 'W' in Will
MarshmallowFridays MarshmallowFridays Nov 02, 2016
I spy with my little eye a rhyme-- sorry sorry, you're right it's not the time ;);););));););));););));(;)););(;));););));););)
Darkprinses01 Darkprinses01 Sep 03, 2016
This is awesome although not to be rude I would like better grammar and spelling. Plz don't hat this comment