The Mating Ritual (May be edited and rewritten/finished)

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xBrisingr By xBrisingr Updated 2 years ago
Persephone Michaelson, a soon-to-be 17 year old girl from The Evergreen Day pack, gets her life turned entirely upside down when she is to attend an annual event of her pack: The Mating Ritual.
    The Mating Ritual is arranged for packs of the district to come together and help their young ones find their mates, by following one, simple thing: Their instincts.
    Persephone is troubled with thoughts and daydreams of what her life will become, will she be unlucky and end up with a disturbed, possessive man for the rest of her lifetime, or the perfect man of her dreams?
    And when a rude, dark stranger shows up out of the blue, tormenting her, will he shatter her hopes and dreams of a fairytale ending?
this is a freaking awesome book! 5 stars!!!
this is a freaking awesome book! 5 stars!!!