A Child for an Alpha's Mate

A Child for an Alpha's Mate

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Okay, We Slay {still in haitus} By IvannaPartee Updated Oct 07, 2017

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      In any werewolf story there would be always one pack that everyone feared. A big bad Alpha that is possessive and bipolar or even the cold ones, right? Then when it comes to meet his mate, the Luna, she could be either the feisty and stubborn one, who doesn't want him to be his mate and but eventually falls in love with the alpha or just the normal girl who doesn't know about the supernatural, gets kidnapped and the changes the life of her mate blah blah... well you get my point. 

         Alpha Julian Edwards is the fearsome alpha of this story. He is to be believe a cold heartless, tempered, powerful and some say he's the fearless Alpha of the north. Step into his territory without permission, rogue or not, you're dead. Planning to attack his pack, you're still dead. You're only lucky to survive if he's away or not in the mood to kill.

         But this story isn't going to be like the other stories. This is about a story, on how an alpha got paired up with someone he didn't expect.

         "The moon goddess is kidding me right?" his said, running his fingers through his hair as he release a stressful sigh. " I don't want someone innocent like her to get involved with my problems."

         "I don't know lil'bro, but you can't argue with fate. She is destined to be with you." Tamina said to him while shrugging her shoulders.

         His mate was a child. Like literally a ten year old girl with no absolute knowledge about the supernaturals. His words, not mine.

         I almost feel sorry for my little brother, but I thank the moon goddess for this because of all the bad (and maybe good) things he has done, he finally met his match.

         And he doesn't even know what surprises she'll give him.

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MiyukiKurotsutchi MiyukiKurotsutchi Nov 27, 2017
I've always wanted to ask this but does the American school system also have science, commerce, and arts(humanities) as a stream choice in 11th and 12th like the CBSE Curriculum(Indian curriculum) have or is it something else
nicole_wst nicole_wst Jul 08, 2016
I don't know why but I remember the King in the north  Jon snow <3
thinkingforRavens thinkingforRavens Sep 04, 2015
I've been looking for a story like this for awhile. Don't you dare tease me. I will find you. Update and give me an actual story rather than talk about how your story is unlike any other. It shows an overinflated ego. PLEASE UPDATE.
IsabellaEftink IsabellaEftink Jul 23, 2015
Wheres the story! I want to read it so bad!! It sounds like a great book!!