The Luna's wrath

The Luna's wrath

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queen b By amenity- Updated Apr 17, 2017

After he found her, she became his prize. And he became her toy.

Seraphina Coriellis was given power and responsibilities at a very young age. She's her brother's rock, his Luna, the one who keeps him sane. With the threat of Alpha Roman and the Avalo pack right by their doorstep, Seraphina is forced to use her charm to bring in an ally, Alpha Hyland. The two Alphas happen to be Lycans - an ancient race superior to werewolves. 

The Lycans' packs clash against each other in a deadly combat. After the war ends, leaving strewn bodies and blood, Seraphina may just have done the impossible by bringing a Lycan to his knees.
Cover by me

  • alpha
  • beta
  • love
  • lycan
  • manipulation
  • pack
  • possesive
  • revenge
  • soulmate
  • war
  • werewolf
  • wolf
RogueWarrior13 RogueWarrior13 Apr 16, 2017
Lucas is putting off a vibe that I don't like lol Jerk big brother. I really like this so far. I'm sooo gonna continue reading this cuz I really wanna know what will happen with the Avalo pack and Roman cx
HollyDouglas5 HollyDouglas5 Apr 20, 2017
Interesting beginning just enough to capture the attention of the reader and the ending with a beautiful description of eyes. Leaving me too curious not to read on.
x__DayDreamer__x x__DayDreamer__x Sep 04, 2016
Molaras Molaras Jun 16, 2016
It´s a real good idea, will you continue? If yes then I will continue reading.^^
AdorkaBabble AdorkaBabble Sep 07, 2016
Thank god, you how weird is it , one min I'm reading a werewolf book and the next it's all 'vampire, witches....etc'
WintersJewel WintersJewel Oct 30, 2016
Seraphina is as sweet as candy, she seems kind of like my mother. But Lucas I don't really like for some strange reason, but the graphics are absolutely beautiful. And so is the story. Keep it up.