Are you sure? #BTS JIMIN

Are you sure? #BTS JIMIN

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chimmin10 By chimmin10 Updated Sep 30, 2016

Meet Wefa, a 17 years old girl. who is desperately wanting a new boyfriend because she was been broken hearted due to her past boyfriend Ron. however, she is still afraid that she will be hurt if she has a new one to replace her past. will that new one be the medicine to her heart? will that new one be the one of her life? 

look forward to it. i promise, its lame.. and guys its my first fanfic. so,, please understand how boring it is :) comment how you think of this story.

In Hiatus. Sorry..

yochinamjoon yochinamjoon Jun 08, 2016
Woaaahhh. Lucky you
                              My school start at 7 but the gate close at 6.45 means that i have to leave my house at least 6, i wake up at lease at 5 or else i don't have time for breakfast
GummyJams93 GummyJams93 Jun 11, 2016
Thats alright authornim. I just read it now actually found it
                              You tried your best on this actually Great Job! :)
jinsheuu- jinsheuu- Jan 23, 2016
Woah.. If it's miss call, I'll be on the frying pan like the fried fish
ShyGirlWithDreams ShyGirlWithDreams Jun 30, 2015
I liked the chapter and your English isn't broken at all ^_^