The Intern [SNSD- TaeNy]

The Intern [SNSD- TaeNy]

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Lillian S❤️NE By lilythesone Updated 6 days ago

"She's just an intern. Just intern, ugh!" Tiffany groaned in frustration. 

When it comes to work-related, Tiffany Hwang will always be alert and focused. Ultimately, her focus was distracted by a few interns who started working in her department; especially one who had caught her attention.

Soon, Tiffany finds herself captivated to a particular intern, where everyone neglected. What will be the fate of Tiffany's career?

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I bet the interns are going to be none other than Kim Taeyeon and Lee Soonkyu herself, I'm calling it.
MatildaMiChaeng MatildaMiChaeng Dec 03, 2017
Ew, I hate chocolate croissants. Nothing against them as a dish just, I hate flaky pastry and dark chocolate which it usually is and even milk chocolate is barely palatable so, yeah. I like the idea just I hate everything in them.
Oh GOD not a TaeNySic love triangle. *sighs* well... I'm gonna read it anyway. So I guess it doesn't matter.
This story is just asking me to fall into a pit of despair as I remember every awkward thing I've ever done.
MatildaMiChaeng MatildaMiChaeng Nov 29, 2017
Well that is definitely not foreshadowing that she's probably going to drown in the last chapter. Trust me, that's not a spoiler, I haven't even read this story yet, I'm just a rambling fool.
DianneKpopLover DianneKpopLover Dec 17, 2015
Ooo, ah, the story is very interesting already!! ;) Update soon and happy holidays~ Hwaiting ~~~