Mr. Mendes

Mr. Mendes

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🥀 By twinpeakshawn Updated Dec 10, 2016

"Thalia, he's your teacher!"
"I don't care, I love him!" 

My mother picks up my diary and flips through the pages. Tears flood her eyes as she reads a page she's stopped at. 

"This is sickening!"

AaliyahBabess AaliyahBabess Dec 29, 2016
Girl you wear them natural curls too, don't let them own you
musixlover musixlover Jan 10
I can already tell he's gonna be a huge dork omg I'm so excited
wishing my hair was naturally curly ugh afros don't get enough credit
UnknownPopcorn UnknownPopcorn Dec 15, 2016
Okay *brings out lucky charms from no where,a bottle of mountain dew,an extra large bag of doritos and starts muchin*
AaliyahBabess AaliyahBabess Dec 29, 2016
Ok then *brings out some Skittles, chicken strips, fries, ketchup, and a giant bottle of berry fanta*
AaliyahBabess AaliyahBabess Dec 29, 2016
Tf, girl you wear that hair like you own it, and be a boss arse bish