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Keegan POV*

My name is Keegan Johnson.I was born in the heart of Chicago. My dad was a rich man and my mom was a surgeon. But I don't live with them. I'm in a foster home. I'm sixteen years old. I was turn in when I was three. 

The story goes that my father cheated on my mom and had a little boy. He kick my mom out to the curve and welcome in his new family. She didn't know what to do with me so she send me to a foster home. She left and became a surgeon. I saw it on the billboard and TV. 

"KEEGAN..WATCH WHAT YOUR DOING YOUR STEPPING ON MY FOOT"Emily said. Emily was my classmate at ballet academy. We was going over ballet terms. 

"sorry..maybe you should step a few feet back instead of trying to be in the spotlight.. Nobody wants to see you"I shot back.I have a mean temper. I don't trust nobody but myself. I learn that from being in a foster home. 

"Well..at least I have a family"she said. Everybody laugh. I count to ten in my head and forgot about it. 

"Ladies.. Ladies, quiet do...