Fractured Souls: Nephillim Chronicles 2

Fractured Souls: Nephillim Chronicles 2

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Ronnie By Hathor422 Updated Sep 11, 2010

The lines have been drawn and reinforcements are being called to both sides.  The Light has unbound the nephillim and now they patrol the earth, vigilant in their duty to stop the Dark from breaking the Rules of Interference. 

 Lucifer and his Fallen haven't held out for untold millennium only to loose the end game to a a handful of hybrids barely brought into their powers.  With their backs against the wall, the Dark is willing to do anything to turn the tides back in their favor but without his brother Raphael at his side, any victory is hollow for Lucifer.  Can Satan truly love another, and if he can, how far will he go to hold onto that love.

The nephillim are about to find out, and when they do, it's going to take a lot more than luck to help them keep the Dark in the shadows of Hell where they belong.

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kippster408 kippster408 Feb 10, 2011
Upload please!! This story is so interesting, especially the first one, i was captured by the very first page i read, I don't know how you do it, but I'm glad your stories are so fun easy and exciting to read!
Hathor422 Hathor422 Sep 11, 2010
Here is the first chapter of the sequel to UnBound.  I sat down to write today and this is the direction my head took.  Let me know what you think.