The Demi-god Prince

The Demi-god Prince

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Eight years after the Second Giant War everyone is missing their Hero. After Annabeth died Percy goes out on his own only to disappear three years later. No one hears or sees from him for five years. When he comes back everyone finds out he has been made a god because of the Fates. This Percy is colder than the Percy of old, only a select few see his caring side. Will the Hero ever find his peace?

The war has passed in the Magic World and all is peaceful. Well that is what everyone thought for twenty years. Now something saying he is the true Dark One has come to destroy the peace. This is a battle that they can't win on their own.  Hecate sends Percy to help the world she created. 

Will the Dark One win or will the Hero save the world again?

Okay I know this isn't the best description, but please give it a try. It is different and I am hoping it is a good different.  Also this is the one of the TWO times I will say this, I DO AM NOT RICK RIORDAN OR J.K. ROWLING, THUS I DO NOT OWN ANY OF THE STUFF THAT IS BROUGHT IN!

Blackfirewoman Blackfirewoman Oct 16, 2016
When the paragraph is sеrious, and you see this comment⬆⬆⬆⬆⬆⏫⏫⏫⏫⬆⬆⬆⬆⬆⬆⬆
Xenxorcus Xenxorcus May 03, 2016
Just saying, wouldn't they be like more cautious of what people say? Like couldn't they be joking? I mean, it isn't everyday where the minister of magic believes everything that people say.
Kurs3_-03Insanity013 Kurs3_-03Insanity013 Mar 22, 2016
Hecate is the goddess of magic and witchcraft. Not a titaness.
XxReviserxX XxReviserxX May 02, 2016
for all the traits of the other houses just like what @SallieSteinberg said
TheRandomDemiWitch TheRandomDemiWitch Oct 15, 2016
I vote Gryffindor. Although, Technically he would be a Hufflepuff because his fatal flaw is loyalty, and Hufflepuffs are loyal to a fault.
childofhades1 childofhades1 Jul 16, 2016
Slytherin he keep the secret of Gabe's abuse for years from everyone I think and he has a lot of secrets