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Amy Miles By AmyMilesBooks Updated Oct 13, 2015

Roseline Enescue didn't ask to become an Immortal, to have all of the guests at her wedding slaughtered, or be forced into marriage with a man whose lust for blood would one day ignite the vampire legend. Willing to risk everything for a chance at a normal life, Roseline escapes to America. Terrified her husband Vladimir will find her, Roseline enrolls as a senior in Chicago's elite Rosewood Prep school. 

Mingling with humans is the last place he would look for her. But her transition into the human world isn't easy. Mortal men flock after her while cutthroat girls plot her demise. Yet Roseline remains relatively unfazed by the petty hysteria until she falters into the arms of Gabriel Marston, reluctant MVP quarterback, unwilling ladies man, and sensitive artist in hiding. 

Troubled by the bond that pulls her towards the mortal boy, Roseline tries to ignore him, but Gabriel is persistent. As their lives entwine, Roseline begins to realize that Gabriel is much more than he appears. His ability to toss a football the entire length of the field and grind concrete into dust pales in comparison to the glowing blue cross tattoo that mysteriously appears on his forearms. Despite the forbidden bond between them, Roseline can't help wondering what Gabriel is: He's not human. He's not Immortal. So just what is he?

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StephanieMills995 StephanieMills995 Jul 28, 2016
Why not just put the whole story on here rather than make us go to another site, or sites,  to get the entire book there??
justferlyn justferlyn Feb 27, 2016
I guess that's what happens to power-hungry båstards who'd sell their daughter to the first rich guy who asks...
I totally missed the date up there cause I kept thinking how long was she a supernatural for
Amara_Noels Amara_Noels Aug 21, 2015
This is so great! I love the tension in this chapter-- it's completely infectious and makes me wish I was a faster reader, just to see how far she gets! This is a well-paced escape; it isn't too quick or too drawn put, and I like how you added a bit of background with Vasile and Fane.