The Emo Meets The Nerd

The Emo Meets The Nerd

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Dr. Pepper Fangirl By Music_Lover_08 Updated Jan 21, 2016

There's always the school groups. The jocks, the preps, the goths... No matter where you go it's all the same. Jocks and preps rule, the rest are at the bottom of the food chain. 

     But, at the very bottom of the order, there are two groups that take all the hits. 

The Nerds.

And the Emos. 

     When a certain Emo crashes back into the messed up life of Jane, a "nerd", things spiral out of control for the whole school. 

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doctorgames doctorgames Jun 06, 2016
That isn't late. I usually stay up till at least 1:45 on the average day
messybunsandbooks messybunsandbooks May 30, 2016
Me reading eh I'll read for a little while longer 1:56 just a little more 2:37 OK I'll read this chapter 3:16 *finishes book* I'll just read the first chapter of another 4:29 *halfway done*bye bye sleep
cool_bunny224 cool_bunny224 Jul 07, 2015
I agree that is also one of the best songs by MCR. But I think the whole album is great too.
gabiehpf88 gabiehpf88 Jun 29, 2015
Wonderful chapter. I can only imagine the pain...but her ribs could possibly be fractured. :/
- - Jun 29, 2015
I agree completely that Poe is one of the best poetics every and that welcome to the black parade is one of My Chemical Romances songs
cool_bunny224 cool_bunny224 Jun 29, 2015
Love it way better than the original especially the detail *kisses into hand and blows it out to show perfection*