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"Scatter," said the queen, imperiously, and then she'd thought no more about the powerfully magickal Druids.

The queen of the immortal race of the Tuatha Dé Danann, or Fae, was annoyed at her royal court for the games they were playing with the humans. With a gentle twitch of her finger and a word whispered on the wind, she'd banished the Druids to the four corners of the world and destroyed their libraries. She believed that once they were unable to pass on their magick, their power would die within a few generations.

The ancient members of the Druid Council, who were wise in the ways of both gods and humans, survived and cast wards around an island known only to them. There they continued to practice their arts despite their banishment, maintaining the veil between worlds, keeping humankind safe from otherworldly harm.

It was from this island that the Druid leaders cast powerful spells to direct certain futures. If you were inclined to believe in fairy tales, then you might believ...

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tempterall tempterall Jul 12, 2017
I know this is supposed to be serious and all and I love this author and their books but uh.. is that the island I think the book's talking about?? Because I might squeal and pass out.
XxTetraDeathxX XxTetraDeathxX Sep 09, 2017
Me. I always get what I want. It may take time but i always get it.
chococlocks chococlocks Feb 21, 2016
Flipping hell I would have laughed nervously and then be like bye felisha you ain't get getting bitxh
Nicolamalone Nicolamalone Jun 21, 2016
I'm Irish and I'd pronounce it completely different to all of those I'd say fay-lon 🇨🇮
cityofvelaris cityofvelaris Feb 09, 2016
As a full fledged introvert I would probably either cry or go mute due to this man's intensity
skazi30 skazi30 Feb 28, 2017
The most average and depressing airport in the world I tell ya Heathrow that is 😒😂