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Silent Assasin (Akabane Karma Fanfic)

Silent Assasin (Akabane Karma Fanfic)

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Ruichiro-Sama By Ruichiro-Sama Updated Aug 02, 2015

The sins that I have done..., probably won't be able to be forgiven.. The blood that runs through my body.., the blood from the family of assasins. To be honest, I just wanted to live like a normal girl. So, I forced close the 'me' that I don't want others to know. 

Runaway from my trueself, I am forced to go to school that I really hate. And there..., I will encounter a way to fight back the true self I wanted to throw away.


Assasination Classroom belonged to it's rightful owner. I don't take any credits from it except for my OC (Tsukino Shizu)

Great...we got a pervert for a father next we have to deal with a pervert of a teacher........911? Yea I got a case of perverted idiots...
Put your hands up if you cant pronounce KUNUGIGAOKA properly!!!!  lmao
CinderHalo CinderHalo Nov 22, 2016
Good job father. You actually did something useful for once.
AceRyu AceRyu Jan 17
👏👏👏 wow dad guess your not just an idiotic perve after all....
AceRyu AceRyu Jan 17
Um let's see if I say yes do i get paid? No? Okay then the answer is no have a nice day
mxgica mxgica Mar 03
I want her mom like
                              if I so much as have a guy friend ring the doorbell my parents are like