Silent Assasin (Akabane Karma Fanfic)

Silent Assasin (Akabane Karma Fanfic)

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Ruichiro-Sama By Ruichiro-Sama Updated Aug 02, 2015

The sins that I have done..., probably won't be able to be forgiven.. The blood that runs through my body.., the blood from the family of assasins. To be honest, I just wanted to live like a normal girl. So, I forced close the 'me' that I don't want others to know. 

Runaway from my trueself, I am forced to go to school that I really hate. And there..., I will encounter a way to fight back the true self I wanted to throw away.


Assasination Classroom belonged to it's rightful owner. I don't take any credits from it except for my OC (Tsukino Shizu)

Zoe55553 Zoe55553 Oct 16
ok i will guess : she is to badass for class 3 - A and now she will go to class 3 - E , and there she will fall in love with Karma - chan
CinderHalo CinderHalo Nov 22
Good job father. You actually did something useful for once.
skywolf2000 skywolf2000 Oct 18
You nasty pervert 
                              Tsk tsk 
                              Your just like tamaki and other people I will not name because I think everyone probaly knows them
I think what's going to happen is at the next day she'll get transferred to class 3-E because of her behavior towards the principal's son. Am I correct perhaps?
Lol I would kill to get out of school but it doesn't bother me any ways because my teachers don't care what I do as long as I make good grades they let me by so I just sleep in all my classes
LorraineNix LorraineNix Nov 20
I was wondering why he had a nosebleed turns out Ahomine ...