Silent Assasin (Akabane Karma Fanfic)

Silent Assasin (Akabane Karma Fanfic)

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Ruichiro-Sama By Ruichiro-Sama Updated Aug 02, 2015

The sins that I have done..., probably won't be able to be forgiven.. The blood that runs through my body.., the blood from the family of assasins. To be honest, I just wanted to live like a normal girl. So, I forced close the 'me' that I don't want others to know. 

Runaway from my trueself, I am forced to go to school that I really hate. And there..., I will encounter a way to fight back the true self I wanted to throw away.


Assasination Classroom belonged to it's rightful owner. I don't take any credits from it except for my OC (Tsukino Shizu)

Leaves with flowers attached.  
                              Coconuts for a bra. 
                              Flower bracelets. 
                              And a flower crown. 
                              Does that ring a bell? 
                              LETS ALL HULA~~~ 
                              ~(^A^~) (~^A^)~ ~(^A^~) (~^A^)~
Great...we got a pervert for a father next we have to deal with a pervert of a teacher........911? Yea I got a case of perverted idiots...
Put your hands up if you cant pronounce KUNUGIGAOKA properly!!!!  lmao
... I'll be grabbing a pan and stashing it under your pillow. Make sure to carry a 100 pound block of something with you around. I'll be carry both... that father of yours sure is a pervert
Shiratsume Shiratsume Aug 10
Can someone tell me what anime that black haired girl in the photo is from? I really need to know.
*sweatdrops* nope nuhhh I don't think so.... *coughs and whispers* screw my shipping senses. Thought they say yes, they also say no... tch confusing ships