Alpha Girl (Wolfling #1) Student/Teacher Paranormal Romance

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Kate Bloomfield By KateBloomfield Completed
A Student/Teacher Paranormal Romance.
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    Warning: Full Story contains scenes of a sexual nature
    Seventeen year old Rose Goldman is highly unpopular in the little town of Halfway. Ever since the 'attack' when she was a little girl, people and animals have been afraid of her. She gets bullied in school, and called 'wet dog' because of the way she smells, despite being extremely hygienic. 
    However, life takes a turn when a new teacher starts at Halfway High. Mr. Stone, the quirky and charismatic English teacher is twice Rose's age, but she feels an unexplainable pull towards him from day one.
    Despite her better judgement, Rose pursues a friendship with Mr. Stone, who seems unable to stay away from her. What is pulling this unlikely pair together?
    Warning: Full Story contains scenes of a sexual nature
Great book.... for the life of me i can't seems to find it on smashwords
this novel is amazing i really enjoyed the first chapter. can't wait to look up on Alpha Girl when it's published :)
This is good so far, except you could maybe add a little more detail here and there. Other than that, I like it very much~!
Wow. Very interesting beginning! I can relate to Rose already!
its not typical the plot is attention grabbing from the frist chapter i also like the characters. all in all so far its intresting. by the way love the cover
Kate, that was really really good. You have a very easy style, keeping a good pace between scenes. I particularly like your depiction of the uncomfortable classroom scenes and your descriptions of characters.