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~The Avengers Preferences~

~The Avengers Preferences~

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Hannah By Draculaura889977 Updated Aug 27, 2015

Just some Avengers preferences! 
-Includes Bucky, Maria Hill, and Loki-
*None of these are mine, I got them off of tumblr*

gaydork gaydork Jun 04, 2016
Wanda is an adorable cinnamon roll and Ill fight anhone that thinks different✊
AngeliseRiley AngeliseRiley Dec 01, 2016
Where did he even learn that I just .I can't .I don't . WTF THOE
Wolfwriter26 Wolfwriter26 Aug 28, 2016
😂 I'm sorry wolfwriter26 is currently not available...she's in the corner laughing and crying...again I am sorry for the inconveni-- STOP TRYING TO COME OVER HERE!! *static noises* (I'm sorry..I really needed to post this
different_worlds_21 different_worlds_21 Aug 20, 2016
I memorised this (stupid photographic memory) and I was just thinking about it in science we were talking about the scientific start of the universe and my teacher said something that confused me so I just blurted that out the teacher was laughing so hard she had to leave the room 😂😂