Winged Love ((Thorin love story))

Winged Love ((Thorin love story))

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Edin is no ordinary girl. She is part of an ancient race called the Fae, but her people went into hiding and they became myths and legends. Edin left her home to explore Middle Earth. Now, after decades of being alone, an old friend came to ask for her help on an adventure. Edin immediately accepted. (This wouldn't be much of a story if she refused.) Edin must join the company on their quest to reclaim Erabor. She will face many hardships along the way. Will the company trust her? What happens when she develops feelings for the Dwarf king?

((So, this is technically my second Hobbit fanfic; I deleted the first one because it sucked. I hope that you like this story! I'm going to try and update this story once or twice a month. I apologize for any grammatical errors in the story. The Hobbit belongs to J. R. R. Tolkien and Peter Jackson. I only own Edin.))

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