Billionaires Broken Wife | UNDER EDITING | #Wattys2017

Billionaires Broken Wife | UNDER EDITING | #Wattys2017

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Aysha Sumaiya By HijabiQueen74 Updated Nov 25

• Khan Series 1 •

|C O M P L E T E D| 

[E D I T I N G]

Meet 19-Year-old Aysha, who is getting married to her childhood best friend Walid, or should I say, was her childhood best friend. Walid left her with a broken heart when she was in high school. The most shocking part is that he left her right after she said: "I love you." After a reunion and some chance encounters, Aysha finds herself married to Walid. When she is married to him, something terrible happens and one event after the other occurs to Aysha.

Will the incident be the cause of their goodbye forever? Will it cause Walid to lose his wife, which he loves dearly?

Welcome to Aysha & Walid's journey!

Halimahusseincutie Halimahusseincutie Apr 20, 2016
And I love reading your story is very interesting 😍😀😇👍
alienplanet_98 alienplanet_98 Apr 21, 2016
You have an online friend? Cool i wish i have one btw i love your story 😍😍💓💓
riazania89 riazania89 Oct 02, 2016
Oh my Allah if spongebob was real I will practically marry him. He is so cute.
Halimahusseincutie Halimahusseincutie Apr 20, 2016
Cool  I like to watch  SpongeBob and Criminal Minds too 😀 and I am from Kenya and English is my second language
- - Nov 07, 2015
WOW, my parents are from Bangladesh, but I have some Italian, Iranian, and Arab in me.. I live in California. lmao what a coincidence. Btw, (no pun intended, and absolutely no offense intended) if u want, I can edit your chapters for you. :)   @Romen_Is_Bae