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The White Wolf's Mate... Is The Alpha...

The White Wolf's Mate... Is The Alpha...

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T. B. By cmburrito22 Updated May 24

Unixy Skyler's life has been nothing but perfect since she was born. She grew up with three younger siblings, and two loving parents; her father being the deputy at the local police station, and her mom, a doctor. Her 17th birthday is nearing, so that means nothing bad could happen now... 


When her life is put on a tail spin, she's forced to go live with her grandparents in Black Woods, Alaska. She thinks it's just going to be cold and snowy up there, but she's in for a much bigger surprise.

When she meets him. 

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2017 UPDATE:


I'm slowly editing each chapter to fix any errors and the pictures that weren't appearing.

FernSeapineFantasy FernSeapineFantasy Jun 20, 2016
If it was third person it'd be UNIXY not SHE... just wanted to let ya know.
Bandanna-Cat Bandanna-Cat May 20, 2016
This is a beautiful thing. This is how everyone should feel about school.
KerryMoonLight KerryMoonLight Jul 21, 2016
i have blonde hair and blue eyes.. I wear glasses so I'm left alone from the guys ( thank god ) the girls don't bother me cuz i used to get into fights at parties..
DiaraLawrence DiaraLawrence Jul 09, 2016
Can u write it in povs instead of u narrating. It throws off the story
LilMissMadHatter LilMissMadHatter Nov 04, 2015
Let me tell u some thing if I was burning in a building my friends would be their hitting on the fireman and having roasted marshmallows and singing campfire songs
- - Jun 30, 2015
Your writing is good but Unixy is too 'special'. From her odd name, to everything about her appearance to being incredibly smart, she's not very realistic. I don't mean this in a rude way but I think your story would be better if you toned her down a little. :l