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Tails and Ears (Camren)

Tails and Ears (Camren)

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Allecra By onfireonfire Updated 10 hours ago

When Lauren finds a seemingly cute puppy by the side of the road, she decides to take it in. Convincing her other roommate to let them keep such a cute pup with wolf-like features wasn't hard, but when they wake up in the morning to find its not a dog, or wolf for that matter, things get a little complicated.
Camila has such a natural instinct of being over protective, curious, and over all, oblivious to most things. Though she's a quick learner, Lauren struggles to help Camila fit in.

C: I'm uncovered
                              L: you're what
                              C: I'm uncovered
                              L: You're un... Uncovered
typicalcabello typicalcabello 6 days ago
It is...11:50pm, I have school early tomorrow but yet here I am, starting another fanfic