Dragon Heart (Human Toothless x Reader)

Dragon Heart (Human Toothless x Reader)

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Fandoms_4_life02 By Fandoms_4_life02 Updated Jun 23, 2017


(E/C):Eye Color

(H/C):Hair Color 

(1/S/N):Firsts sister's name

(2/S/N)Second sister's name

(3/S/N)Third sister's name

(F/N):First name 

(L/N):Last name

(S/C):Skin Color 


Readers P.O.V

You were walking in a forest.Alone.Lost.Cold.Your parents had ditched you on a Berk,because you were a "Disgrace".They wanted you to marry like your 3 older sister's,(1/S/N),(2/S/N),(3/S/N), had.But you didn't want to be with a guy who would hold you back.Back from what?ADVENTURES!Who wants to stay in one spot where nothing EVER happens they're whole life.Well you were happy to leave.All they let you take were a pack with clothes."I bet they wish I would die."you grumbled to yourself.You kept looking at your feet grumbleing.Then you heard a twig snap. Next thing you know you rolling down a hill"AHHHHH!!!!!!!"Then you finally landed at the bottom with a thud.Then you picked out leaves out of your hair.You tried to stand up but...

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I have blue-green eyes who are changing with the colours I'm wearing and stuff like that cause of the shade but for the story I will make it brown <3
hina_chan___ hina_chan___ Jul 10, 2017
Whoa for a sec there I thought I picked up a hiccup x reader in disguise...
ADRIneline ADRIneline May 21, 2016
It's good. But… spaces after the periods. Please. (Pet peeve… sorry)
GamerQueen2002 GamerQueen2002 Nov 23, 2015
*Pokes Toothless* Ooooo!~ You so jelly! 
                              Toothless: -____- *knocks me over*