Sound of the Sirens

Sound of the Sirens

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"Dude! Watch it!" I yelled as a guy walked past me through the crowded hallways. Ugh boys these days. I walked through the hallways as boys stopped and stared at me. I honestly thought I was pretty. Just didn't admit it. Or brag about it.

My skin looked flawless(other boys say so....not me), my light blonde hair was straight and went past my shoulders, and my lit greenish-blueish-grayish eyes glittered in the light. I loved the attention. But I kept walking.

"Trinity!" My best friend Chase yelled. I looked up and smiled. We had been BFFL'S since 6th grade(now we were in high school). Her light brown-honey-colored hair was just past her shoulders and her light-honey-colored eyes gleamed.

She ran to my and hugged me tight. I laughed lightly and pulled away.

Chase suddenly gasped, "There is a Masquerade Ball this Friday!" Before I could say anything, "Your going Trinity. Period."

I groaned and looked at Chase. She was smiling with a gleam in in her eyes. She smiled a...