Mission: Escape Konoha; FAILED! (A Naruto Fanfiction)

Mission: Escape Konoha; FAILED! (A Naruto Fanfiction)

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Angel~ By darkestangel77 Updated Aug 04, 2016

Hehe, hi! Okay, so I know I already started a new Naruto fanfic and I don't update that fast but I had these ideas for like..ever! It needs to be shown to the world! Meh, okay a little dramatic but yeah. You catch my drift. Anywho, onto the character info!


Name: Naomi (Not their real name. You find that out later on. This is their name in Konoha. No last name) or Nao if their going out as a boy, which is what they tend to do regularly.

Gender: Unknown. Multiple genders which is why I refer to this character as 'their, them, or it'

Age: Judged to be around 11-13 not really known until later in the story

Hair: Their hair is short and black, sometimes brown. Sometimes wears extensions when they want to look like a girl.

Eyes: Changes colors when they want it to but their real eye color is white. (Not like a Hyuuga because there eyes are lilac or a very light purple. Not white.)

Other Looks: Always tends to wear a hat. Doesn't like it when the whole of their face bei...

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RaitheNeko RaitheNeko Mar 27, 2017
                              This is my dream
                              All of the naruto characters in one character
QuakeGamerGirl QuakeGamerGirl Oct 07, 2016
Well. I think it's safe to say that she was taken to the village for 'trespassing' in the surrounding forest :P
Silvy2230 Silvy2230 Nov 29, 2015
this is like the 4 -5 time im reading this but i still love this :3
darkestangel77 darkestangel77 Nov 04, 2014
@FreedomFighterKris Nao/Mi ISN'T a girl. So I don't know where I admitted that
anime_fanfic_maker anime_fanfic_maker Sep 22, 2014
Huhuhu~ yaoi eh?~ huhuhu~ *snaps out of yaoi crazed* hoi!!! Get back inside me mind!!! *pulls yaoi side back in mind* now... Huhuhu~
Pandachanluvr Pandachanluvr Aug 20, 2014
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