Older Sister Of The Kiryu Twins(Vampire Knight Fanfiction)

Older Sister Of The Kiryu Twins(Vampire Knight Fanfiction)

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Yami 🥀 By Yami757 Updated Feb 04

Mitsuki Kiryu, the older sister of Zero and Ichiru was told to attend Cross Academy and become a perfect with Zero and Yuki. 

Follow Mitsuki's adventures and struggles.

Lets see what destiny has instored for Mitsuki and her loved ones. 

Will she be able to keep her hatred and disgust for vampires under control or will she be blinded by hatred? 

Read to find out

(I don't own any of the vampire knight characters but I do own Mitsuki, I hope you guys enjoy this story, also do not copy this book because I own it meaning that it's mine. I look forward to hearing from you guys😄)

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OneWeirdOtaku OneWeirdOtaku Jul 05, 2017
* looking at everyone's height*
                              Heyyy I'm 4'8 and I'm a senior in highschool
                              You guys are freakin tall!
abigcakeparty abigcakeparty Jun 17, 2017
Nah i have a sister thats 6'3 and my mom makes her sit while talking to her
0Woof0 0Woof0 Aug 19, 2017
I didn't really like the anime. Zero is Yuukis adoptive brother, Kaname is her blood brother, yet they're the love interests. I'm probably the only one who thinks this. I'll go now. .-.
CherryPie_uk CherryPie_uk Aug 13, 2017
Deceased, not decreased. Just for future reference. Could just be a autocorrect mistake.
astoria_rose_malfoy astoria_rose_malfoy Jul 01, 2017
I love how you describe the scene, I feel as though I can actually see the image
peacenikkirip peacenikkirip Oct 14, 2017
Why is her bio exactly the same as the other fanfic u made called Vampire Hunter Sibling