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Amanda By _AmandaM_ Completed

Sofia Carter has been in love with her brother's best friend, Logan Pierce, for as long as she can remember but something has always stood in their way, from the seven year age gap to Logan's reluctance to date his best friend's little sister, not to mention his somewhat unconventional sexual desires.

Not wanting to live a life wondering what if, Sofia has a proposition for Logan. To spend one week with him, exploring his desires and their relationship. If things work out they'll come back to New York as a couple, if not then they'll remain just friends.

Sounds simple but as Logan introduces Sofia to a world that's a heady mix of pleasure and pain, dominance and submission, Sofia starts to wonder if her own desires are compatible with Logan's after all.

Can Sofia and Logan make things work and return to New York as a couple or will they each lose a friend in the process?

*Please note that this story is intended for readers 18+ due to its mature themes and sexual content. It may not be suitable for all audiences. Please read at your own discretion.

ChristyMiller649 ChristyMiller649 Feb 18, 2016
It's good that he is seeing things her way as well. Now if they will just work out
Jillythewombat Jillythewombat Mar 13, 2016
I think this book is looking really good so far. KEEP WRITING U HAVE A GIFT 😄
JaneneDavis427 JaneneDavis427 Feb 28, 2016
This seems like an interesting plot. I see where you have definitely captured the "shortness" of writing a book. I'm excited to see how it pans out!
tastesofcigarettes tastesofcigarettes Sep 15, 2016
Legit, I can't even read this story because my moms name is Sophia Carter. Bruh.
booklover22633 booklover22633 May 03, 2016
Thank you. I seriously can't stand all the books that think just because your into BDSM, or you have a kinky side, that you have a dark past.
Charlotte32 Charlotte32 Aug 08, 2015
I love how you write.. u r one of my favorite authors in wattpad