Hood Love, Right?

Hood Love, Right?

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Queen By ___HisQueen Updated Sep 20, 2016

Two year old Melany, Kendrick, and Shay have been living the glamorous life. Life sure has been good to them, or so they thought. One day while Shay was at work a girl shows up on their door step and she's not alone. She has a little boy with her and he looks exactly like Kendrick.

"Savanna why are you here?"

"Because you're Kaden's father." She said simply.

"Oh shit."

Kendrick doesn't know what to do. He knows he can't keep a whole baby away from Shay. But when she finds out, that's his asš.


This is the sequel to Hood Love. I've done a sequel to this book before but I hated it. I recently read over Hood Love and I decided why not make a part two? Of course I'm going to do some editing to Hood Love and finish my other book before I start this one. This sequel will not be like the last, it's completely different.

**Coming Fall 2015**

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