Learn Japanese

Learn Japanese

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Alexander By Heichous_Waifu Updated Jul 10

Want to learn Japanese?

You have come to the right place!

Here, I will teach you, the basics, greetings, the correct ways to say things. I will teach you correct ways to do these things. I will also teach Japan history.

Want to know more that's not in this book? PM me and I will reply in the book. More details in book.


Information is taken from a Japanese class and from the Japanese-English Visual Bilingual Dictionary from DK. No copyright infringement intended.

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yobro9000 yobro9000 Jul 21
often, you would say "yoroshiku onegaishimasu" after you introduce yourself, starting with "hajimemashite", then "my name is ___" then this
You can say 失礼します tho. It's not rude or anything if it's used in the right way :)
darth_turbatus darth_turbatus 4 days ago
Heyo ありがと for this book! I happen to be using this to have my friends quiz me on what I have studied already. You are amazing!
yobro9000 yobro9000 Jul 21
Anata is informal in some cases, often when referring to someone you are just to say their name, even if they are there (at least, this is what i know)
I always laugh like crazy for some akward reason while my brothers stares at me.
yobro9000 yobro9000 Jul 21
shitsurei shimasu is another way to say excuse me from what i remember