Learn Japanese

Learn Japanese

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Alexander Grey By Heichous_Waifu Updated 4 days ago

Want to learn Japanese?

You have come to the right place!

Here, I will teach you, the basics, greetings, the correct ways to say things. I will teach you correct ways to do these things. I will also teach Japan history.

Want to know more that's not in this book? PM me and I will reply in the book. More details in book.


Information is taken from a Japanese class and from the Japanese-English Visual Bilingual Dictionary from DK. No copyright infringement intended.

Can you put down the syllables of what the word is supposed to sound like, please.  Most of these I have trouble pronouncing.
Thank you very much, I am currently just learning by heart the hiragana alphabet, I have a long way to go, but thank you very much
StarGirl_09 StarGirl_09 Mar 15
Can I use this when I accidentally bump into strangers? Or do I use the formal one?
DragonOfZen DragonOfZen Mar 16
If u can translate, 'I am one hell of a Butler,' I will be impressed. It is amazing. Black Butler is great anime
NEVER in person. Thats almost like calling someone by their first name
musicmeisterboo musicmeisterboo Dec 30, 2016
How are the words organized? For example in Spanish it would be the noun before the adjective.