Learn Japanese

Learn Japanese

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Cringe King Alex By Heichous_Waifu Updated 3 days ago

Want to learn Japanese?

You have come to the right place!

Here, I will teach you, the basics, greetings, the correct ways to say things. I will teach you correct ways to do these things. I will also teach Japan history.

Want to know more that's not in this book? PM me and I will reply in the book. More details in book.

LynmarieDelapat LynmarieDelapat a day ago
How to say and to pakilala ang name hanggang ..sa dulo para makilala
Yoka_Harune Yoka_Harune Apr 29
Is the correct way to pronounce it this:
                              Onamae wa nan deska?
123smiless 123smiless Aug 04
This is very helpful! Although it is kinda hard to understand. Thanks for making this!
Dude my head hurts from all of this. Very helpful since my mom is trying to put me in another language class besides Spanish and the class she wants me in is Japanese
You should almost never use あなたは (Anata wa) you should use the persons name followed by the respective ending like さん (San) ちゃん (Chan) くん (kun) etc.  (=゚ω゚)ノ
WideDreamer WideDreamer 15 hours ago
Gomen sensei, but I thought its suppose to be Yuroshiko Onegaizimas?