Eyes Like Glowstone ~ Herobrine x Reader

Eyes Like Glowstone ~ Herobrine x Reader

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PieMuncher18 By PieMuncher18 Updated Aug 21, 2015

This is the story of (y/n), an average girl who lives in a village taking care of herself and surviving each day, that is until she met HIM. HE changes (y/n)'s life forever and (y/n) does the same for HIM. Things stand in their way, but they will make it through it no matter what it takes.

"The greatest thing I remember about what I saw was the EYES LIKE GLOWSTONE..."- (y/n)

Go on the epic quest for love that is going to be hard to achieve with some standing in the way, yet as they always say, 'Love is greater than anything else.'

A/N- No copying pictures not mine unless claimed so the usual. All right Minecraft and Herobrine belong to Notch and Mojang, and (y/n) is either you or your o.c. So enjoy the story!


Vikibogd Vikibogd Jul 30
Funny story.
                              I JUST logged of a server bc of Herobrine and I'm nearly 12 are You Kidding Me!
                              BUT I love to read these MC fanfics... 😏
OMG so I started reading this as the sun was still peeking out but when I looked up it was pitch black save for the light of my computer screen! I nearly screamed!! XD
Katelyn, sky blue, blue, orange, green, blue, Chris, cat done please meh
I love the cover 4 the book :D I use it as my wallpaper for ma laptop
Lol a storm is going while your writing? Damn Herobrine thought of visiting you!
DJNightmare DJNightmare Aug 16
Ummm don't know how to tell you this but twelve year olds don't get scared, well at least I dont👻