Eyes Like Glowstone ~ Herobrine x Reader

Eyes Like Glowstone ~ Herobrine x Reader

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PieMuncher18 By PieMuncher18 Updated Aug 21, 2015

This is the story of (y/n), an average girl who lives in a village taking care of herself and surviving each day, that is until she met HIM. HE changes (y/n)'s life forever and (y/n) does the same for HIM. Things stand in their way, but they will make it through it no matter what it takes.

"The greatest thing I remember about what I saw was the EYES LIKE GLOWSTONE..."- (y/n)

Go on the epic quest for love that is going to be hard to achieve with some standing in the way, yet as they always say, 'Love is greater than anything else.'

A/N- No copying pictures not mine unless claimed so the usual. All right Minecraft and Herobrine belong to Notch and Mojang, and (y/n) is either you or your o.c. So enjoy the story!


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Grey, because he has a grey neck thingy! I forgot what it's called!!!😢