Forced...Or Is It Love?!(FOIIL)

Forced...Or Is It Love?!(FOIIL)

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"You can't force me," Zoey said.
"I am not forcing you. I am ordering you," Kade said.
"I do not belong to you,"she scoffed.
"You live in my pack and I am the Alpha. Thus technically you belong to me," he said.
"I will come and go whenever i please," she said.

Kade suddenly pushed her against the wall his face mere inches from hers. His strong rainy smell enveloped her entire senses when she breathed in.

"You will obey me because you belong to me," Kade said.

Zoey Carter had been an unwanted member of her pack who had been given as a compromise to the Potent pack for a breach territory. 

The Alpha of the Potent pack, Kade Reith had been alone for twenty five years without a mate. He had accepted being mateless for a long time now. However, when he sees Zoey things escalate quickly. 

Although one big secret might ruin the building relationship of Zoey and Kade. Will Zoey still want to be with Kade? Or will she leave for one mistake that wasn't even his?

Will Zoey start to love Kade of her own free will? Or will it always be forced?

Cover by: xNOelle

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