I'm Waiting For You In Hell (BoyxBoy || #lgbt)

I'm Waiting For You In Hell (BoyxBoy || #lgbt)

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T. Gray By notbackingdown Completed

Alexios the eldest son of Lucifer is granted one human lifetime every one thousand years to find his mate. For millennia he has searched but to no avail. 

He is once again searching in the year 2015 when he wanders into a convent and meets Caleb Stockholm an orphan left on the doorstep of the church since birth. Finally Alexios is complete.

Caleb Stockholm is a sarcastic asshole and he embraces his assholeness with open arms. Caleb then meets Alexios. He is drawn to the hot strange man with the weird accent. It's as if they were meant to be together. 

Join Alexios and Caleb on their journey through torture in the name of the Lord and finding love even in the afterlife.

  • afterlife
  • boyxboy
  • demon
  • gaylove
  • hell
  • humor
  • knotting
  • love
  • mates
  • paranormal
  • romance
  • torture
Indonite Indonite Sep 21, 2017
oh crap, why is this getting to me, im about to change my thoughts on religon
I love that he goes through all this in HOPES of finding his mate. He's not even sure.
Well I wouldn't mind ten minutes or horrendous pain if I get 100 years of just work free luxury you know what I mean?
Potterclaw1223 Potterclaw1223 Aug 10, 2017
I wonder if Lucifer cries whenever Alexios dies as a human..
notbackingdown notbackingdown Oct 05, 2015
Lol! Alexios would get the Stockholm syndrome soon enough...
Master_eve Master_eve Oct 04, 2015
Lol his last name thoughhhh I just finished a story with Stockholm syndrome in it