My Teacher, Mr Park Jimin>Jikook (VERY SLOW UPDATES)

My Teacher, Mr Park Jimin>Jikook (VERY SLOW UPDATES)

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--Jungkook's PoV--

Today was the day that I was going to my new school, Bangtan Academy. It's an all boy school and it's usually for bad boys but I got in because my appa is the vice principle. 

"Sweetie! Are you ready to go?!" Umma shouted from downstairs. 


I grabbed my bag and suitcase and ran out my room. I smiled at umma and we got in the car. 

"Appa said he would get someone to show you around. They will take you to your dorm before then." 

She soon parked outside and I sighed. I don't like moving to new schools. I had friends in the last one. 

I sighed again and got out, helping umma carry my things up into the reception room. 

"Jeon Jungkook?" I asked the lady. She smiled and typed my name on her computer. 

"Ok Mr Jeon. Here is your timetable, your dorm key and if you just sit down for awhile someone will come to show you to your dorm and show you around." 

"Kamsahamnida." I bowed and sat down on one of the chairs. 

It was like ten minutes later when a boy came ...

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Jiminslilbaby143 Jiminslilbaby143 Dec 30, 2017
*Mr.Park leans and whispers in ear*😶😶😶😶😶😶😶😶
                              *faints instantly*😱😱😱😱😱😱
Jam_Senpai Jam_Senpai Nov 24, 2017
But your dad is the vice principal and You're a student and Chin is a teacher.... Yeah cuz that'll work out
Ill translate it correctly* clears throat* 
                              -BrUH, IS YOU GOoD!?
fireBloom16 fireBloom16 Mar 23
Am I the only one who is thinking "which one?" when you see Mark.
in the go go dance practice i rather have the boys the dwarfs and then bang pd nim as snow white
AncientFoxy AncientFoxy Feb 20
If it was me, I would report him to the principle. I wouldn't care about the fact that he was hot or not.