Ex- husband and babies

Ex- husband and babies

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She could easily recognize that touch. Sharon knew it was him. She could feel him against her body. His hands still on her wrists. He smells different though. The ally was dark so she couldn't see him clearly but she knew he was looking at her. Taking her appearance in. He always does... did that. His breath was fanning her cheeks. It was always same. She couldn't think properly when he was this close. 
She could feel his eyes on her lips as he ran his thumb on her lips. Before she could think straight and push him away. His lips were on hers..


4 years after an ugly divorce, their  paths cross again when her husband shifts back.

Not only did he separate her daughter from her but also is now engaged to her ex-bestfriend Lillian.

They hate each other. But some say 'There is a thin line between love and hate'

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NutellaObssess NutellaObssess Dec 31, 2016
At first I wasn't sure about reading this book but damn this just got me
Wait I'm so confused. She had an abortion, lost the baby, or the baby is in icu after being properly born?
jaydeee94 jaydeee94 Jan 09
This story line has great potential however i ended up skim reading because the grammar needs work. The idea you have is amazing, i think if you get an editor it will reach its true potential
NutellaObssess NutellaObssess Dec 31, 2016
I'm already getting pissed off and it's not even the first chapter
BeckySmith1234 BeckySmith1234 Dec 22, 2016
Why is everyone freaking the fūck out?? I'm so confused 🤔🤔
BeckySmith1234 BeckySmith1234 Dec 22, 2016
@lonleymisfits Your comment made me laugh so much and idk why 😂😂