Bullied by 5SOS

Bullied by 5SOS

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smASHmar By maadeeyaa Completed

Rose, a 16 year old girl, who gets bullied everyday by these four australian guys. 

Never did she thought everything would change in days, or even seconds.

What will she do when she finds out her love for her one of the bullies were more than friends and how will she move on?

*Note: I made this when I was 13 and ended the book when I turned 14, so I apologised if this book is terrible. As you can see, I was a terrible writer when I was 13/ 14*

*ps: you can read my other stories that, I personally think, is much more better than this :)*

mwnaomi mwnaomi Mar 31
bruh my mother would smack me if I broke something she bought like df you doing
This is one of the most ironic things I've ever just no stop
Hey! Liz is everywhere. You never know if she is reading this....
Well theres nothing wrong with being a daydreamer I can say so myself
Queen_Tiffany101 Queen_Tiffany101 4 days ago
Me: "5 minutes? Don't you mean 5 seconds of su-" 
                              Mom: "Don't you dare."
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