Super Psych

Super Psych

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Lenny By helennox Updated Jan 10

Superheroes. How can you hate them? They keep the bad guys at bay, they add a little mystery to the world but most importantly, they smell nice. 

Well, that's what Olivia thinks. Her friend highly questions her odd friendship with the enigmatic Super Psych. Surely, when you remember someones' scent, you're already in too deep- especially if this person's a walking target, a bloody superhero.

(Updates -hopefully- every week & currently undergoing some editing/changes.)

_Becca_Boo_ _Becca_Boo_ Apr 07, 2016
I like it so far.... Funny and good jokes, plus i like her posonltiy and where the plot unfolding is going...... in other words
                              THIS BOOK IS AS GOOD AS A UNICORN FARTING A RAINBOW (P.S I LOOOOOOOOVE unicorns!!!!! and rainbows!!!!!)
Its been less than two pages and I already think he'll be rad
- - Oct 28, 2016
actually i dont like superheroes
                              because they implicate the existence of supervillains.
                              and those are needlessly cruel and op.
                              so basically the normal guys are screwed and dependent on help.
                              did you ever hear of a world where there are superheroes but no supervillains or other monsters?
                              i didnt.
Possible spoiler alert 🚨 
                              Tyler is super psyche
He must have been super psyched to find that he had more powers
I'm partially the reason my friend broke her hand on the bus