guide ➼ camren

guide ➼ camren

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I blush thinking of something. She furrows her eyebrows at me. "Lauren, what has you blushing redder than a stop sign?" She jokes. 

I look at her. "Is this a date?" I breath out.

She smiles, despite the small amount of food in her mouth. After swallowing he says, "Would you like it to be?" 

"Very much."

(TW: eating disorder)

Did you guys hear that? That was the sound of my heart breaking and my tears falling to the floor
About the conscious thing the difference is that conscience is what you were describing and conscious means being awake. Just clarifying lol.
fun fact, it's actually spelt "Conscience" and I will forever read it as "Con-science"
You know you should put a trigger warning about eating disorder in the first paragraph of this chapter or in the description
ShesWxcked ShesWxcked Nov 26
This reminds me how insecure she really is. I remember her saying it in soundcheck
Ddl_5h Ddl_5h Aug 21
I would say something about refelection, but it's not the time 😂