Could Be Different(Lauren/you)

Could Be Different(Lauren/you)

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The Emotion By desired21 Updated Feb 22, 2016

Y/N's point of view:

" Always looking over my shoulder cause I don't ever want to miss you..." 

The alarm clock started to blare out Lauren's part of Everlasting Love signaling the start of a new day, and for me to get my lazy ass out of bed. Usually I would cover my face with a pillow since im so not a morning person, but I mean when Lauren's singing to you it's an exception right? 

Stretching my sore limbs, I slowly made my way out of bed.

 About to start singing along, my phone starting to play Rihanna's "bitch better have my money"

Which reminded me that he owed me some.

I turned off my alarm clock and quickly picked up.

" What's up James?", I greeted one out of the two of my best friends.

I heard some people talking in the background.

"Hey Y/N!" 

I could imagine him smiling on the other end of the phone.

. "We need you to come down to the studio at noon for a surprise meeting Simon put together right now."

 Speaking of James, I forgot to mention that he's 21 and is als...

- - Apr 01, 2017
Ding! Ding! Ding! We have winner... You won Lolo! *hands her Lauren
Omgitsthatgirl23 Omgitsthatgirl23 Jul 03, 2017
At first I thought she said "Purging" and I was like 'Isn't that a bad thing?' I need to learn to read better.
mcnuttm mcnuttm Mar 26, 2017
I literally just listened to this song like four minutes ago.
SpecialK02 SpecialK02 Nov 18, 2015
The start of worth it is my alarm for the morning because it comes outta nowhere and scares the shît outta me XD
Jauregui_AF_ Jauregui_AF_ Aug 12, 2015
Lmao the more I read this the more I'm impressed with myself like damn I got my shît together in this fic