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Runaway (BoyxBoyxBoyxBoy)

Runaway (BoyxBoyxBoyxBoy)

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мαχ αи∂ αℓуѕѕα ☼ By AlyssaEatsAMuffin Updated Nov 09, 2015

Wyatt Thorne is a thieving, lying, filthy runaway with nowhere to call home. But despite his emotion barricade, he is SAD.
    Curtis Jefferson was kicked out of home, and works a million and one jobs in order to keep him and his best friend safe. But even with a companion, he can’t beat the FEAR.
    Jonas Kane is hated by everyone, even the person he would give the world for. He is so LONELY, with no one to lean on.
    Darby Croteau is a sex captive, brainwashed and scared into believing he’s just another pawn. He is so DESPERATE to escape, with nothing to escape to. 
    But when these four boys cross paths, sad, scared, lonely, and desperate could all change very quickly.

Little_Mx_Giggles Little_Mx_Giggles Sep 07, 2015
I love this book so much I'm rereading it less than a month after I finished it last... (':
doublepenetration doublepenetration Aug 11, 2015
I like how he's trying to cleanse himself in a river that's probably full of shït.
lonewolf49 lonewolf49 Jun 24, 2015
This story sounds fabulous!! I can't wait for the next chapter!! :)
omg that was cure book but poor Wyatt I feel so bad for him 
GrxdyGravy GrxdyGravy Jun 22, 2015
@AlyssaEatsAMuffin ohmygod, you guys. This is really good, so far.
CupcakesEatSugar CupcakesEatSugar Jun 22, 2015
Omg omg omg omg a new book omg omg omg omg!!!!!!!!!!! I AM SOOO EXCITED!!!! asdfghjkl. I'm so excited and I've only read this so far!!