Mori x Reader OHSHC

Mori x Reader OHSHC

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Mimi By Dreamisheep Updated Feb 09

What happens when you get in the way of a crazy fan girl? What about seeing childhood friends, and you love one of them? Then, some life or death experiences? The romance. Explore through this adventure of you and the host club, accompanied by countless others. 

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Disclaimer: I don't own anything in this book. I only own Trent Murray, Riku, Merie, and Teyla. xD (because Ouran Highschool Host Club is an anime so idk man don't judge me)

calsleazy calsleazy Jul 29
AHAHAHA why can't I just be a shît posting memeful indie kid wannabee
Kyoya: *smiles*
                              Levi: *smiles*
                              Ciel: *smiles*
                              L: *smiles*
                              Me: 0_0.  100 orphans died but I just found the cure to cancer....
Actually in hawaii there are a lot of japanese people and asian cultures there
Anime boy + anime boy = yaoi = me having nosebleeds and fangirling = approved👍🏻
                              This is how math is meant to be learned.
OMG this is making me cringe so much right now it sounds like those want to be emos so they start to cut this is why bleach sales are going up
Girl I'm the opposite of emo and scene and I would never cut this girl now shall be named something completely different and she will no longer be me