Mori x Reader OHSHC

Mori x Reader OHSHC

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Mimi By Dreamisheep Updated Feb 11

What happens when you get in the way of a crazy fan girl? What about seeing childhood friends, and you love one of them? Then, some life or death experiences? The romance. Explore through this adventure of you and the host club, accompanied by countless others. 

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Disclaimer: I don't own anything in this book. I only own Trent Murray, Riku, Merie, and Teyla. xD (because Ouran Highschool Host Club is an anime so idk man don't judge me)

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Monicaswags Monicaswags Mar 12
Instead of cutting your skin, why not just draw using washable markers on skin. Atleast it's washable, you can redraw them and it's very colorful~!!! Also, atleast your skin doesn't have a scar that will for the rest of someone's eternity and it won't make you wanna cut again.
                              (Did anyone get that just me.....ok I'll go now)
x805sweetsx x805sweetsx Nov 17, 2017
She is autistic and it’s so wonderful to have a weird nutball
Your Skin is not paper. Don’t cut it.
                              Your face is not a mask. Don’t hide it.
                              Your size is not a book. Don’t judge it.
                              Your life is not a film. Don’t end it.
Zk_the_unknown Zk_the_unknown Nov 11, 2017
                              Like everything that's in you notebook is crap I mean who does review ?!!
                              No answer ? 
                              Because nobody reviews !
Dayum, In Hawaii, there are barely any bullies. If someone bullies someone else, they get spanked. Seriously. Sometimes it happens in front of the class, that was when my dad was in school though. Still, Almost everyone in Hawaii is nice. It’s very, very rare to see someone get bullied in school.