Little A (Seventeen Woozi Fanfic)

Little A (Seventeen Woozi Fanfic)

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Min Kaik By Kaik-chan Updated Aug 31

To them, she's Little A. There's always an A on her body, whether it's clothes or skin. To them, it's a game to try and pick her out of the crowds. She isn't hard to miss if you've got the eyes for Little A. But Little A to everyone else was known as Amaya. A quiet Japanese girl who adores Korea and Korean Idols. Her family moved to Korea so their restaurant chain could branch out further, and to Amaya that was the gold ticket for the train of a better life. What better way to start it off in Korea than meeting an newly debuted Idol boy group and having the main composer fall in love with you? 

Well, it'd be better if either weren't so insecure. It'd be better if this didn't lead to misunderstanding after misunderstanding.


//some minor heavy themes are dealt with later on//

BounciPup BounciPup Mar 28
Okay so my friend found a picture of Woozi, and said ew.       I haven't spoken to her in a week.
alva_cui alva_cui Mar 01
and if you look up jerk on the dictionary, you will see a picture of yourself, 100% facts
seokjin-jpg seokjin-jpg Oct 28, 2015
it's a relief not to see your fake åss tits in my face and your caked on make up! xoxo- the bitch who fought you three times and won.
seokjin-jpg seokjin-jpg Oct 28, 2015
stupid bitch square up with them flabby åss arms lookin like a fuckin elephant
JellyBeanz135 JellyBeanz135 Oct 25, 2015
I feel like I'm the only dark skin girl that loves woozi he's so uhhh I can't explain the feels
-Houseofcards -Houseofcards Oct 04, 2015
Biiitch i know im too beautiful for u, don't need to hate <3