Sugar Daddy ❁ Muke A. U

Sugar Daddy ❁ Muke A. U

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"I'm a sugar daddy and I want you to be my sugar baby."

In which Luke is a wealthy man with nothing but time and money, so what better way to blow both than to get someone to spend it on? 

Michael was just a stripper, trying to make ends meet and taking care of his younger brother when Luke walked into his life. Wasn't long, a couple of hundred's and sly smirk that led to Luke asking Michael to be his sugar baby.

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*This story contains triggering subjects, such as abuse: emotionally and physically. Along with the mentions of depression, anxiety, and sexual assault. It also contains mpreg-male pregnancy. If you feel like you could be triggered in any way by those topics, please do not read or read at your OWN risk.  Comments, concerns, questions, feel free to contact me.*

homosos homosos Aug 24
i'm extremely sad right now and this story always made me happy so i hope it works
bbyjxstin bbyjxstin Apr 21
The green ones are nasty. I haven't eaten one since I realized they changed from lime to green apple
I'm excited to read this again. This will be my second read. I can't find any new books that are good so I keep going back to my favourites
kimanning98 kimanning98 Aug 26
Am I the only one who thought about the vine when the lady yelled skittles
seeing this pic is so freaking nostalgic for me bc i read this for the first time so long ago and sm has changed in my life since 2015 it's crazy
I dont remember reading the ending but i says i read it already sO IM READING everything again bc i love this