50 Shades of Sebaciel

50 Shades of Sebaciel

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Ciel-Phantombooty By BandsOrBust Completed

Why I titled this book what I did is beyond me. All I know is, there will be a lot of sex and it is NOT a one shot.

"I felt him pressing me up against the wall. His body was warm compared to the cold of the small room. It was enough to turn me on but sadly, it was not like that."

" I felt his lips press against my cheek and trail their way down to my neck where he nibbled and sucked on my sweet spot that he found almost instantly. I must admit, I didn't hate it. "

Good lord! You are in England! Home of English! Use it properly!!!
Nice to see you again my lovely corset scene
                              I missed you so very much, darling
I would pay $1293402735983473846238569874242769326959234792098340283948298530927309193480398492803952905782759837583698370298-3982-38-2
                              to watch them.
Are you sure about that? Are you really truly sure about that?
                              *Intense Goodnight Noises Everywhere flashbacks*